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April Update

Another busy term is almost over and we will soon be saying goodbye and good luck to our fantastic team of Year 11 Student Voice Leaders as they prepare for their GCSE exams. However, as I write this, our Year 9 Form Reps are meeting with Honor and James, Year 10 Student Voice Leaders, to discuss ideas and activities in their year group and we hope to recruit some fantastic future leaders from this group of students very shortly.

The Year 7 and 8 Form Rep meetings were well-attended and included some great conversations about school from a student’s perspective. The photo below shows Year 7 students with Molly and Jamie, who led the meeting.

Y7 RepsThere were concerns raised about a recent spate of damage to toilets and water fountains by a small minority of students, but the group were pleased to hear that this is being tackled via assembly messaging and more regular monitoring of who is out of lessons using the toilets.

It was also good to get some feedback from Year 7 students who have been part of the mentoring programme – they have really valued the support that they have received from their Year 10 peer mentors – this programme will continue to grow and develop over time.  Meanwhile, both the Year 8 and Year 9 students felt that their recent options processes (Creative Arts/Technology for Year 8, GCSE/BTEC options for Year 9) have gone smoothly, communication was clear and that students felt well-supported.

Finally for this half term, we have been getting into all year groups assemblies to play ‘Feed the Bin’ – a game show to demonstrate to students what can and cannot go into the new recycling bins.  Student volunteers put various pieces of rubbish into what they thought was the correct bin, whilst the ‘Family Fortunes’ sound effects proved very useful to confirm whether they were correct or not.  Our key message was simple – paper, plastic bottles and cans in the green bins, pretty much everything else in the blue bins.  We must get this right, as we could be fined for contaminating the waste and we certainly don’t want this.  Hopefully, with support from all staff and students we can avoid a lot of rubbish going into landfill over Christmas.

As always, if you have any great ideas of how you (with our help) could make Twynham even better – let us know!  Email us –  And if you are 13+, please follow us on Twitter!  

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