Options Evening

Options Evening will be held on Thursday 23rd January 2020 from 6:30-9pm. 

The purpose of this evening is to help students acquire the information necessary to decide on the right courses for them in Years 10 and 11. All option subjects will be represented.

We recommend that students talk to as many members of staff as possible about their choices and plans for the future, not only in Year 10 and 11 but Sixth Form and beyond.

The Welcome and Presentation will take place in the Main Hall. Due to restriction of space there will be two sessions as shown below.

Tutor groups attending the Welcome and Presentation at 6:30pm

  • 9G, 9O, 9T, 9W and 9Y

Tutor groups attending the Welcome and Presentation at 7:15pm

  • 9N, 9H, 9A and 9M

Subject teachers and information about courses can be found in the following rooms from 6:30pm onwards; second session students may wish to visit subject areas before their presentation at 7:15pm. 

Subject Room
Art A4
Business B2
Careers 12
Computing 19
Design & Technology - Graphics T1
Design & Technology - Product Design T3
Design & Technology - Textiles T4
Dance Studio
Creative Media Production 19
Drama D1
Engineering D2
Food & Nutrition T5
French La3
Geography 2
Health & Social Care D2
History 5
Music M1 and M4
Religious Studies 6
Spanish La3
Sports Leadership 3
Travel & Tourism D2


Options Process Key Dates

December 2020

  • Students are given a login to the Start Profile website
  • The options process is introduced to students in Year 9 Assembly

January 2021

March 2021

  • Options are confirmed and are sent to parents