Coronavirus Updates

We have worked hard to make sure that we are fully prepared to support students and parents when the school closes indefinitely from the end of the day on Friday, 20th March.

We will remain open to children of key workers and the most vulnerable children in our community, and will communicate with you in due course about the exact arrangements. 

Parental Communications

Our main channel communication with parents is via email., and this will continue during the closure. Please do let us know if you do not receive these emails or if your email address has recently been changed. All of our most recent emails are copied below for your convenience.

Please also make sure that you let us know of any changes to your mobile phone number as we will be aiming to call you once per week to check in on you and your family.

Email sent to all parents from Mr Taylor on Friday, 3rd April
Email sent to all parents on 2nd April from Mr Pitt regarding access to Microsoft Teams for students
Email sent to all parents from Mr Taylor on Wednesday, 1st April
Email sent to all parents from Mr Taylor on Friday, 27th March
Email sent to all parents from Mr Taylor on Monday, 23rd March

Email sent to all parents on Friday, 20th March with some final details in regarding arrangements for next week and provision for examinations and students' home learning.

The letter from the CEO referenced in this email can be found here.

Email sent to all parents from Mr Taylor regarding preparations for Full School Closure.

The letter from the CEO referenced in the above email can be found here.

Please note that if you are a key worker, the form that you will need to fill in so that we can accommodate your child on site can be found here.

Email sent to all parents from Mr Taylor regarding arrangements for Friday, 20th March.
Email sent to all parents from Mr Taylor at 7pm on 18/03/2020 regarding closure from Friday 20/03/2020 to all but the most vulnerable and the children of key workers.
Email sent to all parents on 18/03/2020 from Mr Pitt regarding the postponement of all trips, visits and internal school events
Email sent to all parents from Mr Taylor at 3.15pm on 17/03/2020 regarding partial closure to Year 9, 10 and Sixth Form students.
Email from the CEO of Twynham Learning sent to all parents on 17/03/2020
Coronavirus update email from Mr Taylor, sent to all parents on 16/03/2020 at 8.30pm
Email sent to all parents on 16/03/2020 regarding PC and Printing Access at Home
Email sent to all parents on 13/03/2020

Learning from Home

We appreciate that it can be difficult to support your child's learning from home. Students have been given clear instructions and expectations (below) around what they should be doing and we have currently provided enough work for all year groups to fill the next two weeks. More work will be provided as the length of the closure becomes clearer.

We have also provided below some guidance booklets which detail how to learn from home and give an idea of how students can plan their day and vary the activities that they could be doing.

Parental Help Sheet
Key Stage 3 Expectations Key Stage 3 Guidance
Key Stage 4 Expectations Key Stage 4 Guidance
Extra Reading and Literacy Resources
Short Story Booklet - Key Stage 3 Short Story Booklet - Key Stage 4


Further Support and Advice for Families

Please see below for additional support around looking after your family at this difficult time.

BCP Council Resource Pack

DECP Support and Advice Paper

If your child has become particularly anxious around the Coronavirus, please find below a document which may be of some help.

Anxiety over the Coronavirus


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