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"Here at Twynham there's a great sense of community, and although Twynham is a large school, each student is part of a tutor group, with a tutor who stays with us throughout our time here. Each year group also has a real sense of identity and we all feel valued.


"There are so many things to do at Twynham. Of course, there is the academic work, but the teachers are here to help and support us to do our best. Our teachers really do care about us and help us to do well. We all want to do well and no-one is allowed to mess around in lessons or disrupt our learning.

"There's also extra support if we need it and the student support team is there if you find things getting difficult at home or with friends. They really are there to help and support us so don't be afraid to pop in just to say 'hi'.

"You will enjoy the videos we have made. They will help you to see how students are finding their time at Twynham."



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