Our results at both A Level GCSE pic 2017(bottom picture) and GCSE (top picture) place us amongst the very top performing schools and colleges in the country.

We are particularly proud of the success of our students leaving the Sixth Form, where an ever-increasing number gain places at the highest quality universities and the country’s top specialist arts universities and colleges.

A detailed A Level 2017 picbreakdown and overview of our results from Summer 2017 can be found here

The DFE Performance Tables can be accessed here and contain the following key performance indicators:

Key Stage 5
Progress made in English and Maths

English - no entries.

Maths - 4 students re-sat GCSE Maths.

Progress made compared with students across England

English - N/A

Maths - N/A

Average grade at 16-19 study C
Student Destinations 89% continued to school or college.


Key Stage 4
Progress 8 Score +0.19
Attainment 8 Score 50.7 points
% of pupils achieving 5 and above in English & Maths GCSE 47%
% of pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate 35%
Student Destinations 96% stayed in education or entered employment.