Student Leadership

Year 9 students can apply to be a prefect using the form below:

Y9 KS4 Prefect Application Form 

Personal development twytgs


Student Leadership is an incredibly important part of school life at Twynham, with opportunities for students to get involved in every year group.There are 4 core values, which complement the Twynham TGS DNA:

  • Aim High and Lead by ExampleTl leaadership values1
  • Dont Leave Anyone Behind
  • Communicate with Pride
  • See the Bigger Picture

You can read more about each year group below. Additionally, this year a series of Leadership Seminars are offered for Year 10 and 11 prefects, with topics including Expectations of leadership, Teamwork and Communication and you can see a glimpse of the Leadership poster here.Student leaders roadmap

Year 7: Transition Ambassadors

Students have an important role to play, as part of a team supporting the Head of Year 7; towards the end of Y7 they will help new students coming up to Twynham.

Year 8: Summer Prefects; Sports Leaders

Students apply for this sports opportunity, to lead school games events and learn about event management, sustainable sport for example; Summer prefects are given exclusive responsibilities and training as their first step into leadership.

Year 9: Sports Leaders; Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Specially appointed ambassadors to model all aspects of the Twynham TGS ‘DNA'; Sports leaders, leading school games (see Y8 above).

Student leaders year 10Year 10: Prefects

Wear the badge with pride. Our most committed and responsible students receive training in leadership, helping at events (Open and Consultative evenings; Achievements in the summer) – dedicated teams divided into Pastoral, Curriculum and Charity; see more below.


Year 11: Prefects

Provide guidance to the new year 10 prefects and continue to help at a variety of events, sometimes invited on trips e.g. an afternoon with Y7 at Avon Tyrrell. Continued leadership training, as they think about applications for Post-16 education.


KS4 Prefects are recruited by application towards the end of Year 9, with many in-post to start their duties in July. All Prefects are expected to help at a variety of evening events, such as Thrive and Achieve (Y7), consultative evenings; as well as tours during the school day (prospective Y6 students) and helping at charity events.

The role of prefect at Twynham School is highly regarded and will demonstrate your ability to be an ambassador for the school. Twynham prefects are expected to be positive role models for all years and as such are expected to maintain high standards of attendance and punctuality, uniform, behaviour and attitude to learning.

Student leaders year 13

Different Teams

Subject Team - these prefects work alongside staff from the 16 curriculum areas in the school to support the department. A subject prefect's key aim is to add to the extra-curricular programme at Twynham School by planning and running a club during lunch or after-school. In addition to this subject prefects would also be expected to support open evenings such as Year 9 options evening.

Pastoral Team - these prefects work alongside a Year 7 tutor group.  A year team prefect's key aim is to ensure Year 7s have a smooth transition into Twynham School, for example attending Year 7 Thrive & Achieve evening, and provide support as requested by the tutor, Assistant Head of Year or Head of Year.