Lost Property

Following feedback from both parents and students, we now have a single point for lost property.

Reception should be the first port of call for all parents and students who believe that they have misplaced any items.

Named Items

For items that are delivered to us named, we will communicate with students and reunite them with their property as soon as possible.

Unnamed Items

All unnamed items brought to Reception and reported as lost property will be listed below and updated daily. Students and parents are more than welcome to come in to Reception and have a look at these items. Reception is open every day from 8am until 4pm.

For expensive or sentimental items such as watches and jewellery, we would ask that a full description be provided to Reception in order to claim the item back.

Missing Items

We will also hold a 'Lost' list so that students and parents are able to report items as missing and we can keep an eye out for them in school.

Please note that parents can help us to reunite items with students by naming everything that is brought into school.

Please also regularly check your child's uniform and PE Kit when washing it, as labels do come off.