The catering firm Harrison operates our canteen. Individual items may be purchased or a complete meal can be purchased for £2.20.

The canteen is completely cashless and parents are asked to make payments to their child's account via our online payment system, Wisepay. Students who are entitled to Free School Meals will automatically have this credited to their account every morning and will not need to do anything differently to the other students.

Parents are able to view their child's balance as well as what they are buying by logging in to Wisepay. Students are able to view their balance at any time along with a breakdown of what they have bought by looking on the homepage of the student gateway.

Enquiries relating to usernames and passwords for Wisepay should in the first instance be directed to our finance team on 01202 486237 or by email at For all other enquiries, please ring the school on 01202 486237 and ask to speak to the Catering Manager.

The canteen has a rotation system over three weeks to ensure that students receive a choice of meals. These three menus are included below, as is a price tariff for those items available to students during break time.