Contacting Key Staff

The tutor and Head of Year form the main point of contact for parents for queries relating to individual students. To contact them directly, please email or ring the School Office and ask for your message to be passed on. 

For all other queries, please email or ring the School Office on 01202 486237.

Year 7

Head of Year 7 - Mrs H Woodage

Assistant Head of Year 7 - Mrs Z Beynon

BKI - Mr B King

ECO/RWA - Mrs E Coleman / Mrs R Walters

GJO - Mr G John

HTS - Ms H Tsitsaros

JC - Mrs J Cole

KDO - Mr K Doyle

MDU - Miss M Durrant

PCA - Mr P Cartlidge

SEV - Mrs S Evans

Year 8

Head of Year 8 - Mr N Weaver

Assistant Head of Year 8 - Miss S Miller

CDO - Miss C Douthett

CH - Miss C Harris

DKE - Mr D Kelly

GWI/PDU - Miss G Wisbey / Mr P Dunn

GZ - Mr G Zaple

HHU - Mrs H Hudson

MED/JG - Mrs M Edgar / Mrs J Gerrard

STB - Mr S Bunce

VCP/RWA - Mrs V Cooper / Mrs R Walters

Year 9

Head of Year 9 - Mr N Massie

Assistant Head of Year 9 - Mrs S Manning

AJO - Mr A Jones

CBU - Mr Butcher

DMC - Mr D McNeice

DVW - Mr Vass-White

ETH/NG - Mrs E Thompson / Mrs N Grainger

GBE - Miss G Beard

JJE/MS - Mrs J Jenkins / Mrs M Samra

LCK/NG - Mrs L Conkerton / Mrs N Grainger

SST - Mrs S Stabb

Year 10

Head of Year 10 - Ms J Abercrombie          

Assistant Head of Year 10 - Mr S Keep                   

CHN/LTO - Mrs C Harrison / Ms L Thomas

JSC - Mr J Schuring

NGO - Mrs N Goddard 

RAS/LTO - Mr Aldis-Smith / Ms L Thomas             

RCK - Miss R Cook                     

RRO - Mr R Rowe

SED - Mrs S Edwards

SFO - Mr S Forbes                       

SPO - Miss S Pontet 

Year 11

Head of Year 11 - Mr J Jones                        

Assistant Head of Year 11 - Mrs D Pickles             

ABR - Mrs A Britton                    

BBI - Mr B Bishop

CAB - Miss C Bale                                             

MD - Mr M Dale

MSA - Mr M Saachi           

SBU - Mr S Bury   

SMC/VY - Mrs S McMahon / Mrs V Yeabsley       

WLO - Mr W Locke