Contacting Key Staff - Twynham School

Contacting Key Staff

The tutor and Head of Year form the main point of contact for parents for queries relating to individual students. To contact them directly, please email or ring the School Office and ask for your message to be passed on. 

For all other queries, please email or ring the School Office on 01202 486237.

Year 7

Head of Year 7 - Mr N Weaver

Assistant Head of Year 7 - Miss S Miller

7BHO - Miss B Hornby

7CDO - Miss C Douthett

7DKE - Mr D Kelly

7GWI - Miss G Wisbey

7GZ - Mr G Zaple

7HHU - Mrs H Hudson

7HLI - Miss H Liddle

7STB - Mr S Bunce

7VCP - Mrs V Cooper

Year 8

Head of Year 8 - Mr N Massie

Assistant Head of Year 8 - Mrs S Manning

8AJO - Mr A Jones

8CBU - Mr Butcher

8DL - Mr D Loader

8DMC - Mr D McNeice

8DVW - Mr Vass-White

8ETH - Mrs E Thompson

8GBE - Miss G Beard

8GBU - Miss G Burge

8SST - Mrs S Stabb

Year 9

Head of Year 9 - Ms J Abercrombie          

Assistant Head of Year 9 - Mr S Keep                   

9AVU - Mr A Vignau 

9CHN - Mrs C Harrison

9JSC - Mr J Schuring

9NGO - Mrs N Goddard 

9RAS - Mr Aldis-Smith             

9RCK - Miss R Cook                     

9RRO - Mr R Rowe

9SFO - Mr S Forbes                       

9SPO - Miss S Pontet 

Year 10

Head of Year 10 - Mr J Jones                        

Assistant Head of Year 10 - Mrs D Pickles             

10ABR - Mrs A Britton                    

10BBI - Mr B Bishop

10CAB - Miss C Bale                                             

10JG - Mrs J Gerrard            

10LKN - Mrs L Knight                      

10NG - Mr M Sachi            

10SMS - Miss S Massoudi              

10WLO - Mr W Locke    

Year 11

Head of Year 11 - Mrs H Woodage              

Assistant Head of Year 11 - Mrs Z Beynon                  

11BRI - Mr B Richings                    

11CWA - Mr C Waite                        

11JJE/MS - Mrs J Jenkins and Mrs M Samra                 

11JT - Mrs J Turner    

11KDO - Mr K Doyle                  

11LL - Mr M Symons                

11PCA - Mr P Cartilidge                                           

11SEV - Mrs S Evans