In the spring of Year 9, students are asked to begin thinking about the subjects that they would like to continue to study in Key Stage 4.

2195 twynham 261In order to help them with this, we have a Year 9 Options Process, which we have detailed below. Year 9 students also have access to a dedicated Options site as part of our Student Gateway, and we recommend that parents do look at this with their children.

Parents can find out more about the Options process by contacting Mr Cook, the Assisstant Headteacher who oversees the process. His email address is kevin.cook@twynhamschool.com.

Key Dates

January – The Options process is launched to students through their Personal and Social Education lessons. They use the Consultative evening that follows this to ask their teachers, in consultation with their parents, about the choices available to them.

Late January – Year 9 Options Evening takes place. This is a chance for students to ask staff questions and to learn more about what they would study in each subject.

From January to February – Every student in Year 9 has an interview with a senior member of staff to discuss their choices. During this interview, they nominate the subjects that they would like to continue with in Key Stage 4.

February – Following the completion of the interviews, a letter goes home to parents with the choices that the student has made. Parents are asked to amend this as necessary and sign it to say that they have received it and that they agree with the subjects chosen.

By March, we aim to have the whole process finalised, including any necessary changes being made following feedback from parents.


In order to help students further with their choices, we have Pathways. This year, there are 3 Pathways:

Pathway 1 – students MUST study French or Spanish, alongside History and/or Geography. They then have two further subject choices.

Pathway 2 – students make four subject choices. These MUST include one of the following: French, Spanish, History and/or Geography.

Pathway 3 - students make four subject choices. We strongly recommend that these include one of the following: French, Spanish, History and/or Geography.

All students study the Core Subjects:

  • English and English Literature
  • Maths
  • Science, or Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • RE (Short Course)

Students also continue to receive core PE lessons and PD lessons.

Optional Subjects

GCSE Courses                                                                    Vocational Courses

Art                                                                                          Creative Digital Media

Business Studies                                                                   Engineering

Computing                                                                             Hospitality (HALO)

Dance                                                                                     Health and Social Care 

D&T (Graphics)                                                                      Sports Leadership

D&T (Product Design)

D&T (Textiles)







Physical Education