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August 17th 2017

Twynham School A-Level Results 2017 - Yet another superb year!

Twynham School celebrated the culmination of yet another superb year with an outstanding set of A-Level results. Whilst the overall pass rate was very close to 100%, Twynham’s top performers did exceptionally well with forty students gaining at least three A-Grades at A-level.

Chloe Hughes, Lucy Phillips, Sam Easton, Caitlin Smits, Tom Wijesinghe, Lauren Perry, Declan Johnson Molly Groarke, Luke Powell, Nikolaj Zachary, Refaat Hassan and Gemma Thorne were twelve of Twynham’s top students.

Chloe gained straight A* in English Literature, history and religious studies whilst Lucy also gained straight A* in chemistry, geography and mathematics. Sam took four A-levels gaining A* in politics, A in both English literature and history and B in Drama. Caitlin gained A* in both mathematics and further mathematics plus A in history. Tom gained A* in both music and religious studies together with an A in mathematics. Lauren gained A* in both history and religious studies and A in psychology. Declan gained A* in both economics and geography plus A in mathematic. Molly gained A* in history plus A grades in English and mathematics. Luke gained A* in chemistry and A in both mathematics and physics. Nikolaj gained A* in mathematics and A in both further mathematics and physics. Refaat gained A* in mathematics and A in both biology and chemistry. Gemma gained A* in sociology and A in both media, film & TV studies and psychology. Nikolaj deserves a special mention because he is actually a year younger than the whole year group making this success an even greater achievement.

The photo below shows: (back row): Luke Powell, Tom Wijesinghe, Refaat Hassan, Nikolaj Zachary, (front row): Chloe Hughes, Lucy Phillips, Tierney Lawlor, Caitlin Smits.

Luke will be studying engineering at Bath, Tom music at Worcester College, Oxford, Refaat medicine at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, Nikolaj mathematics & languages at St Andrews, Chloe history at Magdalene College, Oxford, Lucy geography at Exeter, Tierney dance at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance and Caitlin mathematics at Bristol.

Twynham’s success is highlighted by the achievement of the top 26 students who each gained at least 160 points (equivalent to one A* and two A grades at A-level). These were Chloe Hughes, Lucy Phillips, Sam Easton, Caitlin Smits, Tom Wijesinghe, Molly Groarke, Lauren Perry, Luke Powell, Nikolaj Zachary, Refaat Hassan, Declan Johnson, Joel Parkinson, Gemma Thorne, Charlotte Evans, Oliver Moss, Matthew Harrison, Amber Doyle, Isabella Hobbs, Henrik Koos, Alexander Leaper, Jessica Robbin, Shannon Saunders, Tehya Connery, Tierney Lawlor, Daniel Poole-Jude and Samuel Whitton.

At a time when the arts are under pressure in many schools and colleges we have been delighted that just two of Twynham’s many successes include Tierney, who will be taking up her place at Rambert  School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, and Tom Wijesinghe who will be taking up his place at Worcester College, Oxford to read music.

I am absolutely delighted with the success of all our students, and I’m particularly pleased that our top students did so well; gaining places at the country’s top universities including Oxford, Cambridge and specialist arts colleges. I’d like to congratulate all our students and to thank their parents for all their support and our teachers and support staff for all their dedication and hard work.

When many students nationally are reporting that they have been given bad advice regarding their A-level choices, Twynham School has been leading the free seminars on How to get to a top uni where good, practical and correct advice has been given for a number of years. All of Twynham’s students study a proper balance of subjects giving them access to the country’s top universities. The next seminar is on Thursday 14th September, 2017, 7.00pm at the Village Hotel, Bournemouth and this is open to students from all local schools who will be in Year 10 and who are likely to gain top grades at GCSE. Just book online here.  

Dr Terry Fish

A Level 2017 pic

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