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January 4th 2016

Adverse Weather

At this time of year when there is the possibility of snow, I felt that it would be helpful to let all parents know how we would inform you if the school had to close due to bad weather.

Can I also stress that if there are examinations due to take place then those examinations will still run, even if the school itself is closed. We will do everything possible to ensure that they are not disrupted and students will need to report to Reception to check the venue, which might have changed from the published timetable.

In the very unlikely event that we will need to close the school, I will post a message here, on the main school website. The message will be posted by 7.00am stating that the school is closed due to snow or ice. I really do hope that we don't have to do this, and we will do everything possible to keep the school open.

The feedback from parents and students, over a number of years, has been that was a simple and effective way of making sure that everyone knew what was happening and we will use this same system again this year.

In addition, the Local Authority has a website showing which schools and other services such as roads, libraries, refuse collection and household recycling centres, day care centres etc. are closed and you will be able to check this here.

Just in case the school website was down, then the above link will be the easiest way to check.

Any message posted on the school website will also apply to the Sixth Form – there will not be a separate message posted on the Sixth Form website.

We will also put a message on the answerphone.

I sincerely hope that it will not be necessary to close at all, but it is best to be prepared and ready just in case.

Dr Terry Fish
Executive Headteacher

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