Pupil Premium Reviews

A Pupil Premium Review looks at how a school is spending its Pupil Premium funding. The purpose of the review is to improve a school’s Pupil Premium strategy so that the funding can be spent on approaches that have been shown to be effective in improving the achievement of disadvantaged students. All schools with disadvantaged pupils stand to benefit from a fresh perspective on their Pupil Premium strategy and the hope is that Pupil Premium Reviews will become a standard part of every school’s self-improvement cycle.

The purpose of a Pupil Premium Review is to use an evidence-based approach to assess the effectiveness of a school’s pupil premium strategy and identify how it might be improved to make a greater impact with the funding. This will normally involve:

  • adjusting the way in which the funding is used, with greater attention to approaches that have been proved to be effective elsewhere
  • improving the delivery of existing approaches
  • targeting existing approaches more specifically to the identified needs of pupils in the school.

Over the last five years, the Pupil Premium has supported schools to rethink the way in which they raise standards for disadvantaged pupils. We all know that time is short for disadvantaged pupils in our schools to realise their potential, so it is more vital than ever that the decisions about using the funding are part of an effective strategy.

The reviewer will be an independent, experienced leader with a track record of making these improvements for disadvantaged students.

The general format of a review is as follows:

  • Initial Meeting – Reviewer to visit the school and meet with Head teacher or member of the Leadership Team with responsibility for this area. The purpose of the meeting is to go agree what specific areas are going to be reviewed and arrange an itinerary for the visit. The reviewer will also ask for or collect data that may be necessary.
  • Preparation – The reviewer will read through data and other relevant documentation such as Pupil Premium strategy. The School will complete a self-reflection task about Pupil Premium.
  • The Visit – The reviewer will visit the school for a day. They will meet and talk with the key members of staff or governors that were identified in the initial meeting. They may well also undertake a learning walk if relevant. At the end of the day the reviewer will feed back to the Head teacher / Leadership Team as to their main findings and recommendations.
  • The Report – The reviewer will produce a report outlining the key findings and recommendations.
  • Follow up Visit – If necessary the reviewer will then visit the school again about six to ten weeks later to see how things have been going and offer further support.

The cost of a Pupil Premium review is usually £700. This is based on two days’ worth of support from an SLE.

For further information about Pupil Premium Reviews, please contact Kate Hardy at: teachingschool@twynhamschool.com.