Teaching & Learning

High quality professional development has always been an important part of Twynham School. Therefore we look for ways to ensure the time teachers spend on INSET and CPD time is effective as possible.

Teacher Learning Communities

This year we have started to use a coaching model alongside the use of ‘Teacher Learning Communities’ as a way for our teachers to reflect on their own practice and really examine and enhance the responsive teaching that is already taking place.

This model taken from research by Dylan Wiliam is based on teachers really examining in detail one aspect of their teaching. Through doing this you are able to consider how students learn in your lessons and maximise the impact of this.

The process of small groups of professionals being able to share and discuss classroom experiences with a student-centred approach is a key strength of this style of CPD. It also allows choice, flexibility, it is manageable with our work load and advocates professional responsibility for our own development.

We need to create time and space for teachers to reflect on their practice in a structured way, and to learn from mistakes.

- Bransford, Brown & Cocking, 1999

CPD Mondays

The structure of our Teacher Learning Communities take place on a Monday once every half term. Each group is run by a colleague who attends our teaching and learning dialogue group. There is a specific focus on one of the assessment for learning strategies as set out in Dylan Wiliam's research.

Dylan williams

For us it means that our teachers have a consistent focus on responsive teaching. Also that we are;

  • Improving learning experience for our students
  • Endeavouring to improve a technique we already use within our classrooms
  • Unpicking that technique and using the time to consider why it works – deliberate practice.
  • Using CPD time to read research and evidence surrounding your technique
  • Writing short and concise action plans to focus how we continue to work on the technique between meetings
  • Taking part in small scale, classroom-based, action research.