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English Literature

Studying AQA English Literature allows students to experience global, modern texts and writings which have significantly influenced our literary and cultural heritage.


Curriculum Information

English Curriculum KS3 and KS4

Key Stage 4 Core Subject Information

Exam Board: AQA

Qualification: GCSE in English Literature

During their GCSE journey, students will study a wealth of authors including Shakespeare and a range of poets. The texts covered will span texts from the 19th century to modern poems, including Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Macbeth, An Inspector Calls and a poetry anthology.

Students will have the opportunity to explore and engage with the authorial viewpoint and writers’ methods in detail and consider a range of interpretations surrounding the chosen language and structure.

Context is considered and explored, and along with critical readings of the set texts, a depth of understanding of the key ideas, themes and characters are also developed.