Research and Projects

Please find below details of the Research and Projects that our SLEs have been involved in:

1) BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

This project was researched by Amanda Britton as part of her MA in Education and can be accessed by clicking here.

Mobile phones and tablets are part of everyday life; their rapid development show no signs of slowing down. Young people are amongst the biggest digital consumers, hungry for the Robotic tanklatest cool devices.  Research suggests that mobile devices make learning more engaging, yet many schools ban their use... Findings show that student-owned devices have the Roboticspotential to empower children to take responsibility for their learning, with the teacher becoming a facilitator in the classroom.

2) Dialogic Teaching in the A Level classroom

This project was researched by Clare Hill as part of her MA in Education and is available here.

Whiteboards allow groups2195 Twynham 168 to observe other groups working, 2195 Twynham 170and the teacher to observe all the groups at any one time. This also creates a supportive environment and removes the frustration of students having to wait for the teacher, which means that students do not necessarily have to reveal their uncertainties, something which students new to Year 12 can be reticent to do. They have opportunities to work things out by looking around the classroom.