Options: Year 8

At the mid-point of Year 8, students are guided through a mini options process, allowing them a degree of choice over the Year 9 curriculum choices with regard to Creative Arts and Design & Technology.

Students are asked to choose:

  • 1 Creative Arts subject 
  • 1 Design & Technology subject
  • 1 further subject from either curriculum area
  • A 'reserve' or 'backup' choice that can be from either curriculum area

By introducing this opportunity to specialise we are able to increase the amount of time spent studying each subject from 40 to 60 hours during the course of Year 9. This enables students to study these subjects in greater depth and be better prepared should they wish to continue studying one or more of these subjects at GCSE*. This process also enables us to offer dance as a creative arts subject, which is always a popular addition to the curriculum.

*Note that whilst we encourage students to select subjects that they might consider selecting for GCSE, it is not a pre-requisite, and hence students would not be excluded from a GCSE options choice due to the student not studying that subject in Year 9.

To make your choices, please ensure you read this guidance document first and then click the blue box below:

Click here

Should you have any questions regarding your child's choices, please contact your child’s tutor or Mrs Beynon, Head of Year 8, in the first instance.

Should you have any questions around the process itself or regarding your access to SIMS to make choices, please email options@twynhamschool.com in the first instance.

Please make your choices by Monday, 8th February.


What subjects are included?

The Creative Arts are made up of Art, Dance, Drama and Music.

The Design & Technology choices are made up of Food, Graphics, Product Design and Textiles.

How do I make choices?

Please use the link below:

Make my Year 8 options choices

You will need the details sent to you to access the link. Please make your choices by Monday, 8th February, ensuring you read the guidance document first.

We will send you a letter later in the year to confirm your choices.